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An education in music

Ahead of Havant Chamber Orchestra's concert on 8th February, Stella Scott invited Robin Browning to share his thoughts on music education.
(With apologies from Stella - the 'Clock' Symphony is actually on the GCSE syllabus, not A Level, but Robin's comments are relevant nonetheless!)

SS:  We chose Haydn’s ‘Clock’ Symphony because it’s on a current A level syllabus.  However, a study reported (in May 2019) that the numbers taking this exam have fallen by 35% across the country.  As a passionate educator yourself, do you have any magic solution to offer to the current crisis in music education?

RB:  Well, that's a tough one. Ultimately, arts subjects such as music are increasingly marginalised within the curriculum, so there's inevitably far less uptake by the time students reach A level. Studies show time and time again that music brings incredible value to a youngster's education, yet there's less and less encouragement to work on it as a subject. I see it…

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