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HCO season finale and looking forward

As we approach the last concert by Havant Chamber Orchestra for 2018-19, Havant Orchestras Administrator, Stella Scott, asked maestro Robin Browning for his thoughts on the current and upcoming seasons.  The first part of this appeared in our Newsletter but here's the whole conversation about venues, Brahms and Haydn.   What would you like to ask Robin?  Enter a comment below or email your questions to!

SS:  This will be our last concert in Ferneham Hall and that’s an ‘end of an era’ moment for our orchestras. You’ve been with us for the last 6 years of our time there. What are your impressions of Ferneham as a venue?Any high/low points? RB:  Gosh is it really 6 years? I've loved my time so far with the orchestra, and actually I really like being in Ferneham Hall (unlike some who are quite, ahem, unkind about the acoustics). Yes, the sound could be better and so on. But as a performer, I weigh up all kinds of things alongside this. Simple things mean so…

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